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The Institute of Asian Makeup Training was founded to promote the highest standards of training for Asian Makeup, Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling Courses throughout the UK. We have formed partnerships with the leading training providers to ensure you receive the best possible choice of courses at the best prices from the hundreds that are out there in the market.

A full or part time career as a make-up artist can allow you to turn your interest in make-up and beauty into a glamorous and lucrative career where you spend your days helping people’s dreams to become reality whilst enjoying the financial benefits of a growing industry.

 With the average Asian wedding now costing upwards of £30,000 and brides paying hundreds of pounds to ensure that they look perfect on the lead up to, and including, the big day, it is not surprising that there is currently a huge demand for talented Asian make-up artists throughout the UK.

The Institute of Asian Makeup Training offers exclusive and professional courses taught by the best academies and tutors in the industry. Our teachers are not only hugely talented in terms of their technical ability and creativity, but they are also experienced in helping you to start your career, with practical advice and guidance. Once you have completed a course, you become part of a team which means you can work with others to gain more experience and work.

With their extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of makeup fields including bridal, glamour, catwalk and fashion editorials, our tutors are some of the most talented in the business. Their background with national and global events means that you will gain unique and comprehensive training and insights into the makeup industry, together with the secrets used by experts. Our tutors will ensure that you are fully equipped with the skills to walk away and accelerate in your chosen career.

The Institute of Asian Makeup Training courses will provide you a comprehensive understanding of makeup, hair and the world of a professional makeup artist. With courses throughout the UK, we recommend you contact us to find out why you should book with us and how we can help you become a dynamic and gifted make-up artist.

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